Commercial campaign photoshootS

You put your heart and soul into building your brand and creating your projects, and I and my team know how to show them in the good light – literally and figuratively. On the photoshoot set we are in our element, as it is where we can give free rein to our vivid imagination. We love to create, travel and take pictures in new places.

Nothing excites us more than working on a material, whether it’s a collection of clothes, jewellery or utility items. We like the twinkle in the model’s eye that appears after we find the perfect light, shadow, form or space for the items that we photograph. In today’s stream of information and photos, our goal is to create pictures which will be as memorable for your audience as possible.


  • Let’s start with the plan! Each session is prepared on the basis of mood boards, photo and lighting plans, as well as a detailed brief.
  • A professional team – I work with the best stylists, make-up artists and hairdressers. Together, we will create a coherent vision that will distinguish your brand from others. We are driven by one goal: love for beauty and perfect photos.
  • Straight from the magazine cover – You don’t have to worry about the details! Each shot you choose will be thoroughly processed, with any possible corrections taken into account, so that it can be put straight away on the cover of the magazine.
  • Always and everywhere – My usual workplace is in the city of Warsaw, but I also work all over Poland. I also have an on-site photo studio to which you can send your products for the photoshoot. We will provide the appropriate scenery, models and everything that is necessary to make the photos look exactly as you expect them to.
  • Production of the photo shoot – Apart from taking the photos, I and my team will take care of the comprehensive production and development of your photoshoot, from casting, to finding and preparing the location, to post-processing.
  • Post-production in high-end quality – After pre-selection, all photos are thoroughly processed, with any possible corrections taken into account.

Architectural photography

In architectural photography, we use an innovative technique of photographing interiors. Not only do we take photos, but we also arrange the space properly so that the audience can see as much as possible in the photo. We build the atmosphere with appropriate lighting, which, in the most demanding cases, includes imitation of sunlight, thanks to which we are not limited by weather conditions. Knowing how important details are for every designer, our technique allows you to extract the texture of each surface and reproduces colours perfectly.

take a look to our model portfolio:

We guarantee:

  • Experience – 10 years in architectural photography and commercial campaign photoshoots;
  • Reliability – the equipment we work on is duplicated in case of failure;
  • Backup – during our work, the photos are saved on two independent cards;
  • Data security – after the assignment is completed, the photos are secured on at least two encrypted disks;
  • The highest quality – all submitted photos are subject to copyright processing;
  • Mobile studio – it allows to take business/ portrait photos on the occasion of the session. 

the price includes:

  • One shooting day: about 8-10 hours
  • Taking photos
  • Photo retouching on the same level which you can see in my portfolio
  • Preparing the concept
  • Additional space lighting if needed
  • Taking photos of interiors and architecture from the outside
  • Taking promotional photos with the model
  • Hiring a model
  • Preparing the model – make-up, hair, styling
  • Hiring a makeup artist who assist us during the entire session

Cost: 3000 EUR

Sample photoshoot Daily schedule

  • A session with a model will take us about half a day of shooting
  • We can spend the second half of the day photographing the space. During this time, we are able to photograph common spaces, i.e. the restaurant, bars, swimming pools. We may also have enough time to take pictures of one or two rooms.
  • Alternatively, you can spread the photo shoot over two shooting days. Then we would be able to photograph all types of rooms, common spaces and the model. Then we would also have enough time, for example, for an extended session with a model or a session for employees or managers.



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I’m photographer based in Warsaw, Poland working worldwide.

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